Corporate social responsibility is of paramount importance at City Hotel de Jonge. That is why we have been in possession of a golden Green Key certificate since October 2020. We would love to tell you more.

Green Key Hotel

Green Key is a voluntary eco-label for sustainable companies in de leisure and business industry. Companies with a Green Key label do everything they can to save the environment, without compromising their guests on comfort and quality. Accommodation with a Green Key Certificate meet strict standards of sustainability and the environment.

Green Key Certificate

Accommodation with a Green Key Certificate meet strict standards of sustainability and the environment. These standards focus on communication, use of energy, gas, water, waste management, mobility, food and drinks, social involvement, etc There are different standards for the various business sectors. . Currently there are 25 business groups. Examples of business groups are hotels, campsites, bungalow parks, conference locations and restaurants.


To achieve the Green Key Certificate, a company must meet mandatory standards, and by choice the optional standards. The mandatory standards are basic CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) standards, such as registering and saving gas, water and electricity, purchasing cleaning products with an environmental label and reducing the amount of residual waste. The optional standards go a step further, the more of these standards are achieved, the higher the gradation.

Golden grade Hotel de Jonge
There are 3 grades that can be achieved, namely: bronze, silver or gold. We are proud to say that we have achieved the Golden Green Key certificate.

Green Key Cerificaat Hotel de Jonge
Green Key Hotel Assen


City Hotel de Jonge is also involved in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). This means that the social side (employees, society and animal welfare) and the environmental side (less CO2 emission and less waste) are also taken in account. Also known as People, Planet, Profit.

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Are you curious about which steps we are all taking in the field of CSR? You can read it in our CSR statement via the link below.

CSR Statement