The famous TT-Circuit, also called the Circuit of Drenthe is a circuit that is used for among others, the TT Assen, WK Superbike and the Brittish championship Superbike. The TT OF ASSEN 27 T/M 29 JUNE 2013 The TT is the only grand prix in the world that is continuously on the calender. Since 1925 driving in assen is on the highest global level. All champions rode and won on the Drentse heath The experience of TT is an unforgetable experience, because it goes a lot further than the trainings and competitions.
The TT Festival, also called ‘The Night of Assen’ like how Night of TT was called at first, may even have a more famous history than the TT races themselves. The night of the last vriday to saturday in june and the wednesday and thursday evening are atmospheric and appropriate evenings that are inseparably connected with one of the biggest sport events of the Netherlands.

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TT Circuit - een dagje uit in Assen
Drents Museum - een dagje uit in Assen


The Drents Museum was established in 1854 What started out as a simple showcase filled with objects has grown into a showpiece museum. In 2011, the museum was extended with a new wing designed by internationally renowned architect Erick van Egeraat. Since its reopening, the Drents Museum has become one of the major attractions in the north of the Netherlands.

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Close to the hotel is Wildlands Adventure Zoo, an adventure park with animals from several continents. The park is split up in to the jungle JUNGOLA, the polar region NORTICA and the savanna SERENGA. Opposed to a lot of other parks with a zoological theme, that have a geographical layout, WILDLANDS is devided in climate zones. The park has a total of 6 ‘theme worlds’, whereof 3 climate worlds. Guests enter the park through the Atlas Theatre. This complex has 15.000 m2 and is 32 meters high, it includes conference rooms, catering service and a theatre complex.

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Have you ever been on a pillory? Seen a prison cell from inside? Sat in the judge’s seat? of the past and present at the Prison Museum. Crime and punishment have always existed, but our method of punishment has changed considerably over the centuries. Here you will discover everything about crime and punishment in the Netherlands from 1600 untill now. The museum is established in one of the old asylums that have been build in 1823 by the Society of Goodwill in Veenhuizen for beggars and vagrants Veenhuizen is an extraordinary village with an wonderful history, more than a hundred national monuments and five prisons that are still being used.

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In the new Hunebed center in Borger, located next to the biggest hunebed in the Netherlands, is in a suprising way, the life of the Hunebed builders displayed. Through a spectacular film and a special exhibition the many mysteries about the Hunebeds are adressed.

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There is a lot to experience around the Treetop Walk! An exciting walk through the Carrot Tunnel. Like a squirrel through the tops of the trees.
Playing on the forest meadow or in the Lorken play forest, a place where nothing is required and a lot is allowed. The Treetop Walk is also the starting point of beautiful hiking trails through the forests of Gieten-Borger. There are flyers ready with a description of what you can find during the hikes. Please also visit the forester Kuhn house. Aside from an appealing presentation about the forest life and a forest shop, you also get all the information for an enjoyable day, afternoon or morning.

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You will drive and sail through nostalgic villages and a natural peat bog area with real peat excavation. The baker, the grocer, the clog maker and the peat cutter work there every day. with 160 hectares it is the largest museum of the Netherlands. Rain? With an umbrella you can walk to every building, there is a lot to see inside.

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Go on an adventure, wandering through a mysterious rabbit hole, looking at the gnobes from close by. Make an exciting trip trough the troll cave. Through an indoor path you will walk next to special plants and little exotic animals to the mysterious castle ruin. Gnome land has a lot of playground fun inside and outside. Cozy terraces and picknick spots, also take a look in our underground shop. Come by and see for yourself.

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The Museum train track S•T•A•R drives since 1994 with a historical steam train between Veendam and Musselkanaal. This connection was being used by NS until the eighties. The train track runs through almost all of Groningen and Drenthe, The Semslinie, and crosses the region known as the peat colonies of East-Groningen. With a lenght of 26 km it is the longest museum train track of the Netherlands. A unique train track with a lot of art about the many neighborhoods and canals.

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Monastary Ter Apel Anno 1465 is in the the far south east of the province Groningen on a wooded sand ridge along the age-old trade route from D-Münster i/W to Groningen-City. For Travelers and pelgrims the Monastary was a place of hospitality and dedication. Although the accents have been shifted, the Monastary Ter Apel is still a meeting place. For art and culture lovers because of the old and new architecture, the permanent and the alternating expositions.

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Orvelte is one of the most beautiful villages in Drenthe and the Netherlands. The monumental farms, the well preserved houses, stately trees, beautiful gardens and streets, with cobblestone and clinker brick roads, give the village a unique ambience. And you immediately feel that “in his village people live and work”.

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